"The Young Pianist "- London Oxford University Press by Joan Last ( An approach for teachers and students) This book is concerned primarily with the first few years of piano playing. It is intended to serve as a guide to those gaining their first experience of understanding the piano technique. ISBN 0 19 318420 6

"A Parent's Guide to Piano Lessons" - by James W. Bastien from KJOS West, San Diego, California. This book answers the basic useful questions on everything about starting the piano. e.g. Is the piano a good choice for my child's first instrument, how much should my child practice, should I reward my child for practicing and what if I don't know anything about music?... The answer to these questions will help everyone get as much out of piano lessons as possible. ISBN 0 910842 05 1  
"The Usborne First Book of Music"- by Emma Danes from Usborne Publishing Ltd. England. This is a fascinating introduction to music for young children. Stimulating but simple activities encourage active involvement in all aspects of music from listening to sounds and making simple instruments to dancing, performing and composing. There is also an introduction to musical notation and practical advice about choosing an instrument to learn. ISBN 0 7460 1329 9  

"The Inner Game of Music" - by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey from Anchor Press/Doubleday, New York. This is the first book written about the Inner Game principles of "natural learning" that applies this methodology to a subject matter outside the area of sports. It talks about how to overcome fear, self-doubt and failure in playing and how to really concentrate while playing in front of others. It helps to develop the confidence and concentration in every pianist. It is particularly helpful for the adults and intermediate to advance level pianists. ISBN 0 385023126 1