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  BBC Music Education Page  
  Children Music Online Resources - United States  
  Children Music Web - another good informative site  
  Music Education Madness : filled with helpful articles  
  PlayHouse Radio - A Fun Place to manage and create your own music  
  Games for all ages - compose your music and send them to your friends - (excellent)  
  Interactive Studio - Mix your own track and learn about rhythm and music theory  
  New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians  
  Classical Archives (everything about the composers)  
  All midi files for Classical Music  
  Classical Composers Database  
  Everything about all kinds of music  
  Live webcasts of jazz, opera and classical performances  
  Download your favorite music score!  
  Kids Music Web - Childrens' Musicians and free MP 3 songs!  
  Music for Kid's Ears, Hearts and Minds  
  Hal Leonard Publishing Main Page  
  Faber Music Home Page  
  Edition Peters Home Page  
  Alfred Publishing Company Piano Page  
  PianoLane - the place to get your music online  
  Best advice on practice!  
  Color in my piano blog - ...a place to exchange ideas and resources for piano teaching  
  The Musician's Way blog - helping you become a successful musician!  
  Music Matters Blog - creative, pracitcal and up-to-date resources for the independent music teacher  
  Thomas J. West Blog - Music Practice Tips, Recommendations, Techniques, and Reviews for Teachers, Parents, and Students.  
  Midnight Music - Katie Wardrobe offers some very useful music tech tips as well as compilations and reviews of music tech resources.  
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