ABRSM related links 2018 & some Oliveland basic warmups'  

What does the credits points on the certicates mean?

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  On Your Marks Page (see others taking each part of the exam) ARSM Performance Diploma demo Sight Reading Q 7 A from Chief Examiner  
    Sight Reading materials (our senior students are using this)    
  Scales and Arpeggios Oliveland students demo database    
  A major both hands      
  A Flat major both hands      
  B flat major B flat major B flat major arpeggio  
      B flat major arpeggio B flat major scales explained
    B major arpeggio    
  B minor harmonic B minor harmonic B minor slo mo harmonic  
  B Flat minor Melodic      
    C minor harmonic C Broken Chord  
    C minor contrary motion    
    C sharp minor harmonic

C sharp minor arpeggio

    D minor Harmonic    
    E minor Harmonic    
  E flat major E Flat major slow motion E flat minor Harmonic E flat minor Melodic
  E Flat minor exam speed E major Contrary Motion E Flat Major Contrary Motion  
  F major Right Hand F minor Harmonic F minor Contrary Motion  
  F Major 3rd apart      
    F Sharp minor Harmonic F Sharp minor Melodic  
  G major Right Hand G major both hands G minor Harmonic G minor cross hand fun
    G Sharp Harmonic minor    
  Arpeggios Rules of thumbs      


Stronger fingers games

especially for beginners
Alternative Fingers daily ex. Soccer Kick Soccer Kick 2nd level
    Pecking Bird Super Flip Spider Scale
    How to count 8th notes Long Distance Circle of 5th Major
    Circle of 5th Minor (start on A) Hot Cross Buns in diff. keys Thru the keys w harp patterns
    Learn to tap rhythm  

Hanon FFF version