The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (forms and links)

The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music is by far the most popular music examination organization in the world. Each year, over 650,000 people in 97 countries worldwide take Associated Board Exams.

The Associated Board has a flourishing network of teachers and exam centers throughout the USA. It is considered to be the best standardized music test in the world.

Associated Board of Royal School of Music worldwide site and USA site


We combine this exam into our studio since these work as a highly challenging, motivational, step by step and achievable tool for students who studies piano. They benefit students by offering them a clear and structured framework against which they can measure their progress.

  exam bookings  


**Exam dates and fees for 2020 (Practical, Theory and Diplomas)


Contact the studio if you need any ABRSM books/ supplementary materials

  Brochures, booklets and flyers (all pdfs):  

Washington State ABRSM general introduction Brochure

  ABRSM introduction booklet  
  These Music Exam Booklet (detail exam systems explained)  
  Prep Test (pre Grade 1 for young beginners) flyer  
  Performance Assessment (non graded) booklet  

Syllabus for Theory Test Grade 5 level is needed as one of the prerequisites for senior grades practical Grade 6 - 8 and beyond.

  Aural Test Syllabus  
  Piano Syllabus Requirements  

Complete Piano Syllabus Grade 1 to Grade 8 (year 2021-2022) NEW!


Latest Encore publications: (past exam popular pieces)



Practice Tools:

partner Piano Practice Partner

Melody writer Melody Writer for Theory tests

speed Speed Shifter (for varying the speed in practicing)


Newest Booklet - 'Next Step' (steps to go beyond Grade 8)



glance Diploma At A Glance Booklet

Complete Performnace International Diploma Syllabus

Complete Diploma in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching and Music Education Syllabus



miniguide Mini Guide to Exam for all students!


  my Turn next ' My turn next ' for students!  
  Exam Entry forms:  

Candidates may be entered by a school, a teacher of music, a parent or guardian. Adult students may enter themselves.

The first time that you make an exam entry, you will be sent an Applicant Number which will contain your own personal data. If you quote this number in all future correspondance with us it will help us to deal with your enquiries both quickly and efficiently. Don't worry about the Applicant number if you enter for the first time.

You may also download an electronic version of the forms here. Please remember to fill it out in entirely and print out TWO copies. Both forms plus the fees must be received at: Washington State ABRSM Rep - 8709, 123rd LN NE, Kirkland, WA 98033 (all checks made to 'Peters ABRSM Agency').

If you choose to pay by credit card, please download the form here and mail it together with your form.

us entry form

USA Exam Theory / Practical entry form + ARSM Diploma entry form

  perf form Diploma in Music Performance Entry Form  

teach Dip form Diploma in Instrumental/Vocal Teaching and Music Education Entry Form

  How to fill the form (demo pdf)  

Accreditation (international - England) Education

  Useful links:  
  auraltrainer ABRSM Aural Trainer app download page (new)!  
  ABRSM On Your Marks - observe all exams and see how you grade them  
  Download the newest Aural Mock Tests (for all grades)!!  
  Grade 1 Exam Demo  
  Grade 5 Exam Demo  
  Understanding the exam system and subjects  
  ABRSM Magazine Libretto  
  podcast Podcast  
  ABRSM forums (communicate with other students, parents, teachers and general discussions)  

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